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Display name active directory not updating

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Change the Share Point user display name with Power Shell. All you need to specify is the account(identity), the site and the new display name you want.

NOTE: If you are a student, or were ever registered as a student after 2004, you may be able to specify a Preferred First Name as documented here: Active Directory uses the information in the Electronic Directory Editor (EDE) to create a display name for you.

If you want to change the name displayed, you may need to make changes both to EDE and to the Active Directory's Name Change tool.

For updates that require a different value for each user account and the update can't be based on existing data, you might want to consider the CSV Update or the Edit In Excel feature. Data from your HR database like firstname, surname etc) After selecting the user accounts you want to modify, launch the Bulk Modify dialog by selecting the Bulk Modify button on the toolbar.

The Bulk Modify dialog (pictured at the top of the page) will be displayed.

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You will find that the textboxes that you normally use to enter information are disabled in the "Bulk Modify" user interface.I chose to create new instances of the Crontasks to separate out the functions.This is to show what is needed for configuration and doesn't interfere with the full user sync.The process that 365 Command performs to rename federated accounts is described in this support article: Changes are not synchronized to Office 365 after you update the UPN of an on-premises user account to use a different SSO-enabled domain suffix When renaming the federated accounts 365 Command first renames the account to the domain and then the final domain.It is possible that during this process the account could become stuck in the domain.Scenarios being that Share Point pulls the display name value from the active directory.