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Backdating childcare vouchers hmrc

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This means parents earning between £41,450 and £41,865 could, without a change to their salary, fall into the ‘Basic Rate’ bracket, and see their childcare voucher entitlement rise from £28 to £55 per week (increasing their potential tax and NI saving from £623 to £933 per year).

Remember, if you still fall into the higher rate bracket and still wish to take the maximum allowance of childcare vouchers, you could choose to increase your contributions to another tax-exempt benefit, such as a pension contribution.

Some people will be paying back two overpayments, one via ongoing recovery and another via direct recovery.

Prior to 6 April 2012, the backdating period for changes of circumstances was 3 months.This section of the website gives information about some of HMRC’s current and future tax credits policies with links to further information.This material was written by the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group.One final change, the lowering of the disregard for rises in income, commenced in April 2013.A useful table, summarising the changes and when each began, can be downloaded here.Backdating more than 31 days/1 month There are two situations in which it is possible to get backdating of more than 31days/1 month: Refugee status If a person has claimed asylum as a refugee and is then awarded refugee status, providing they apply for tax credits within one month of receiving notification of that refugee status, they will be treated as if they made their tax credits claim from the original date they claimed asylum.